Freight price increase

Dear Valued Customers,

RE: Freight Rates Skyrocketing

Sadly, over the past six months we have had substantial increases in freight charges, both internationally and domestically. These increases have applied to all areas of freight ie; sea freight, air freight and road freight. Unfortunately, this now means the freight component of the fabric cost is substantial.
Potter Textiles have always tried to bring the best quality fabrics to the trade at fair prices. We want to continue to do this and constantly looking at ways to minimise our costs. When we can, we will always pass on any savings to you, our customers.

Domestic (Australia wide) freight companies from 1st April have introduced an oversized parcel surcharge on every item /roll we despatch as our rolls are over 120cm in length. There are also numerous other charges added to the overall increases such as:
• Higher Con Note fees
• Fuel & security surcharges
• Weekly account/ admin fee
• Re-delivery charges and carded freight
• Additional fee for residential pick up & delivery

Due to these increases, effective from 1st April, the following freight charges will apply:
• 1 parcel $20 plus GST
(depending on weight/measurement of fabric this may be up to 5 rolls)
• Multiple parcels $15 plus GST per parcel

We will endeavour to wrap your parcels in the most economical/effective method possible to minimize the cost to you.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Potter