Potter Textiles has been supplying fabric to the Australian and New Zealand fashion industry since 1999. Potters is truly a family business! The owner Simon Potter is the 5th generation POTTER to work in the textile clothing industry. The photograph below is of his great grandfather's business on Fitzgerald Street, Northam WA from 1908 to 1920s.

We have named our sister company in honour of this great history. We started our sister company, Potter & Co in 2018 when we wanted to expand our retail to online. Here you can buy small quantities of our fabrics!

Meet the Potter team...

Based in North Perth Western Australia, we are a very small team. Everyone helps out where we can, working hard to source and supply good quality fabrics, so we can enjoy are weekly cake Fridays.


The owner of Potter textiles for the last 30 years... He grew up working for his dad's textile wholesale business. Wanting to branch out he set up Potters specialising in linen. Simon has travelled all over the world to source fabric and probably knows everything there is to know about fabric.


Another long-time Potters member, Lisa has worked here since 1999! Her first job was coincidentally for Simon’s dad's textile company. Lisa, like Simon has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry. 


The newest and the youngest member at Potters for the last 7 years. Sheona runs all things digital while helping source and create new wholesale ranges and everything in between.  


Keeping everything on track and up to date, Cathy runs our accounts. She isn't only just our accounts lady but helps with everything and if you are lucky you might meet her friendly face in our store.